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This Is The Best Trailing Stop Technique (2 Charts Reveals All)

What is the best trailing stop technique?  This is a question that many forex traders would have at one  point in their trading lives asked it. In this post I will reveal the best trailing stop technique in my opinion. You see, not every body is going to agree with …

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Getting Confident Because Of Winning Trades Is Stupid

Yes, you can make a lot of money Forex trading.  Whether you swing trade currencies or day trade, the profit potential when trading with a quantifiable edge and a sized trading account, can be more than you make 9-5. I’ve had many months in the 4-5 digit ranges and I …

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Consolidations and Pullbacks For Confident Trading

Why do I often mention to use lower time frames when I post my weekly Forex and Cryptocurrency setups? Because lower time frames can give you a better view of the imbalance that is playing out on other time frames. This can result in: Better entries giving the trade room …

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1 Hour Forex Scalping Strategy

The one hour forex scalping strategy is made to make use of the 60 minute time period. Instead associated with staying glued for your screen all day long, you only have to check your own charts as soon as every hour to find out new forex scalping possibilities. Chart Setup …

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