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Fx-Agency Advisor 3 Review

The FX-Agency Advisor 3 software  can easily surpass an actual professional signal service. It’s simple and very effective. It does all ALL the calculations for you, including analyzing momentum on higher time frames and advising you accordingly. With the previous edition, one could only specify two time frames to get …

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Forex Trading Signal: EUR/JPY for 5th February, 2018

forex trading signal

Daily Time-Frame Perspective: As you can see in the chart below, the pair EUR/JPY has rallied for a while and need some rest. It has just completed a harmonic pattern and rejected from -0.18 fibonnacci resistant level. Moreover, the StochasticRSI is “Over Bought” So I think, It’s going to be …

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Forex Trading Signal: I’ll be buying USD/CAD: 02/02/2018

Forex Trading Signal of this week. After doing a through analysis from Monthly Chart to 2hr             Chart, I have decided that USD/CAD -0.37% will be Buy trades for next week. Analysis Parameters: Multi time frame analysis Fibonacci Analysis Trend Line & Support-Resistance Analysis.

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GBP/USD Should Breath Lower Before Further Rally: 26th January, 2018

gbp/usd forex signal

GBP/USD is rallying for a while and we all are hoping that, it’ll continue rally. But I think, if the pair want to go further upside, it needs to breath for a while. I have analysed the pair for Daily time-frame and what I have found out is the pair …

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